Allow me to show you how to make the biggest difference in your life, how to feel more peace, and more alive. I want you to rediscover what it's like to fall in love with life again. The only way to an unshakeable peace and compelling life you're excited to live is to find yourself again. If you've forgotten who you really are, lost sight of your inner sparkle and your true north, let me help. Look around and see what feels right to you!

If there's one thing that my clients know, it's this: when it comes to feeling good consistently, it's important to note that you're a verb, not a noun. You are a work in progress, and identifying yourself with your results instead of the process of how you're evolving and expanding, is a big mistake many of us make. It's not about the destination, as they say, but about how you're choosing to show up, right here, right in this moment, right now.



TWELVE weEKS, $2997

This is the intimate, in-to-me-see, package. If you know you work best 1-1 and want undivided attention and guidance, this is for you. We'll first excavate unconscious patterns and stories that continue to shape how you show up, remove what gets in the way of you living life the way you want - with ultimate freedom - then get you crystal clear on what you want out of life. You'll develop audacity and express authenticity in a way you haven't done before.


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If you're gung-ho about self-help and personal development, and you want to experience what it's like to fill your life with people who get you, ideas that inspire you, and loving nudges to become the best version of yourself, you're going to love the bodhifully community. Whether you just want the extra boost of positivity, psychology tips, and spirituality in your life through free podcasts, or you're ready and committed to create some real changes in your life, we've got you covered.


group coaching


Are you a hands-on, motivated person who likes to take things at their own pace? You're in luck! We have two great options for you to choose from. The first, is The Bodhi Origins - start here if all you need is a little bit of clarity. The second option is The Bodhi Project - for those who are ready to commit and change - life will never be the same again.



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In this three week program, you'll learn more about the following: your childhood conditioning that shapes the way you see the world, the limiting beliefs you have as a result of your experiences, and then follow a step-by-step approach so that you can get connected to your real and empowering truth.

the bodhi origins



Are you ready to get serious and have a ton of fun getting to know yourself more? In a quick five months, we'll deep dive into the only three buckets of life that you need to focus on to get absolute clarity, unshakable confidence, and ultimate conviction to know who you really are, why you're here, and how you'll serve in the most meaningful and epic way.

the bodhi resonance