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Life will never be the same once you've learned to drop in fully
Trust yourself + follow the cosmic breadcrumbs to a life you love. 

A compelling life is created on purpose.
Are you ready?

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Licensed Psychologist & Wayshower

hi there! I'm Jisun.

I'm here, in this world, to help you break free from the status quo - so that you can authentically express your true potential to live life with more confidence, clarity, and conviction.

I want you to live life, on purpose, not just spend your life wondering... what if?

My obsession is to help you find your direction & re-discover what makes you fall in love with life again.

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[ ˈbōdē ˈfu̇(l)-lē.]: awakened to boldly pursue freedom & enlightenment


Only you can drop into your embodiment fully.
This means you're the one responsible for bringing your
Unique Essence up and out. Life fulfillment doesn't come from the results - it comes from learning to breathe life into your sacred calling and connecting to the process, not the outcome.


You are a verb. Not a noun.

Principles of Bodhifully:


It's always an inside job.

Principles of Bodhifully:


Your ability to show up is directly correlated to your ability drop in fully.

Principles of Bodhifully:


To feel alive means to have audacity, alignment, and authenticity.

Principles of Bodhifully:


Bold, authentic embodiment begins with unshakeable confidence, absolute clarity, and ultimate conviction.

Principles of Bodhifully:


is the presence of the breath of life.



my deepest desire for you is to breathe life back into your presence.

With Aloha...

How do you master the 3 fundamental human fears?

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Kevin Gainey

"Engaging, perceptive, and spot on in her questions. If you're serious about improving your life, it would definitely be in your best interest to work with Dr. J."

Founder, Kevin Gainey & Co.

John Blanchard III

"She is literally one of the people who are responsible for saving my life... Dr. J came into my universe and set everything on fire... she knows how to find that thing that's in you that's [kind of like] your switch."

Founder, Be Seen Marketing, LLC

Joe McVeen

"The level of inspiration she comes with, and her mission, is so inspiring... she's a rare breed of human being"

Business Development Officer, New Earth Development

Lori Hoover

I believed I had already worked through everything. As it turned out, there was something far greater - and older (50 years, to be exact) - that came up to be healed. Dr. J was amazing... If you have an opportunity to work with her, DO IT. Don't hesitate for even a moment. 

Intuitive Guide and Medium

I can tell you about all the degrees, certifications, and training I have in psychology, neuro-linguistic-programming, hypnosis, nonverbal communication, etc. but let's get down to what really matters:
I've lived it and I want to help you experience what it's like to be fully present, consistently happy, and unconditionally loved.

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