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Jisun Sunny Fisher, PhD, MA, CHt, CAPP, is a licensed psychologist, best-selling author, and happiness coach who helps awakened individuals remember their direction and re-discover what makes them fall in love with life again. Through her focused and powerful guidance, clients learn how to access Resonance - connection to, and the embodiment of - the true Spirit within, mastering their narratives, breaking old patterns, and turning their weaknesses into superpowers. 

Dr. J received her graduate degrees from Columbia University and the University of Connecticut. She is also certified in Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Hypnosis. Dr. J’s thought leadership has been featured in Thrive Global, Bustle, Goalcast, YahooLife, and Thriveworks.

Dr. J loves hiking with her pups, dabbling on the piano, reading tarot for growth and healing, and making annual trips to her beloved land of Hawai’i. If you catch her in the kitchen cooking, run the other way!

Her best-selling book, The Bodhi Blueprint: Ultimate Freedom! Master Your Fears and Live Life on Purpose, is now available on Amazon.


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You will find answers to questions like:
• What would make me feel truly happy and fulfilled?
• How do I live with intention, so I have zero regrets?
• How can I break free of my limiting thoughts and self-defeating patterns?
• How do I find the confidence to live authentically?


Derived from a series of cosmic downloads, the information in this book will:
• Point you in the direction of your true north.
• Guide you to profound peace.
• Help you feel more alive.
• Show you how to go from living a reactionary life to one where you’re in control.
• Open portals for you to manifest your best life.

For thousands of years, the greatest minds have all sought to understand the purpose of life. Bodhi(sattva) means one who seeks enlightenment, and if you’re here, love and freedom call your name. The Bodhi Blueprint is here to take the heart-wrenching years of guesswork off your shoulders and guide you powerfully on your path to a courageous life worth living. 

Imagine living life on your terms, on purpose. How do you feel? What have you transformed? This is my invitation to you: are you ready to follow the cosmic breadcrumbs and experience your most epic, authentic and meaningful life?


Authenticity. expression of your uniqueness, being true to yourself.
Embodiment. dropping into your authenticity fully, showing up as your best self.
Resonance, connecting to - and fully embodying - the true Spirit within
Clarity. knowing what makes you tick, knowing who you are.
Confidence. complete ownership of oneself, full access to the empowerment of one's godspark.
Conviction. feeling in love with life, compelled in the direction of their highest timeline.
Life Purpose. creating it daily, with intention, by connecting to the unique truth of the self - I AM.
Unconscious Influences. imperceptible but devastating influences of limiting beliefs, narratives, and past experiences.


Doctor of Philosophy. Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut (2015)
Master of Arts. Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut (2013)
Master of Arts. Clinical Psychology, Columbia University (2011)
Bachelor of Science. Lafayette College (2009)
Certified Hypnotherapist, International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists (2018)
Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology, The Flourishing Center (2017)
NLP Master Practitioner Certification, Kevin Ramsay, Udemy, (2018)

Licensed Psychologist, NJ: 35SI00574700
Licensed Psychologist, NY: 022156



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